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Tuberculosis known as TB is spreading at a fast rate in different parts of India. Therefore, it is important to understand that tuberculosis needs to be controlled in time to avoid the further spread and negative impact of this disease on the society. There are many trials which are going on these days to make sure that India controls TB before it’s too late. Here are some of the promising ways which will work the best in the mission of controlling TB.

1. Awareness

Awareness is one of the prime factors which will have a great impact on the process of controlling tuberculosis. So, it is essential that we make sure that individuals who have less knowledge or information regarding the tuberculosis are informed regarding tuberculosis. It can be done in the form of including regarding tuberculosis in the syllabus of schools especially those in the rural areas. There are several methods to make people aware in the rural as well as the urban areas regarding the ways to control and prevent tuberculosis.

2. Precautionary Measures

Active tuberculosis is one of the most infectious diseases which spread at a fast rate. So, one needs to take proper measure to avoid getting in contact with tuberculosis causing bacteria. The best way to prevent contracting tuberculosis is to avoid the direct contact with the individual suffering from it. Also, make sure you do not stay in a closed room where such patients are present. One should also use face masks to have basic protection from the harmful tuberculosis bacteria. These simple steps can help India in limiting the occurrence of tuberculosis among healthy individuals.

3. Vaccination

Vaccination is one of the most vital aspects of the controlling of tuberculosis. Therefore, India can advance towards the more improved vaccinations which will help in reducing the occurrence of tuberculosis in healthy individuals. This can be started at the basic level. Later, once the vaccinations are working well, they can be made the primary level precautions for tuberculosis. This can be accompanied with the proper and timely treatment of tuberculosis with the multiple drug therapy for tuberculosis. BCG vaccine can be made free of cost for poor people in remote areas who cannot afford vaccinations for their children. Most important part is that the treatment facilities should reach almost every remote area or village. It will prevent the occurrence of the tuberculosis of such zones.

4. Bridging the gap between doctors and the common man

Several places across the country don't have access to proper medical facilities or even doctors. If India can bridge this gap then definitely the occurrence of tuberculosis can be reduced at a great rate. As technology is advancing, we can utilize it in reaching lakhs of people and providing them the required medical facilities to prevent tuberculosis before it’s too late.

Thus, having a healthy lifestyle along with implementing and following the above simple steps will help India in controlling TB successfully for an appreciable period.

About Author:

Dr. Nabankita R. Chowdhury is a Dentist, Blogger & Content Writer specializing in Healthcare, Career and Finance niches.


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