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Good health is a matter of paramount importance to everybody and we are solemnly concerned for your health.



To ensure that paucity of wealth, ignorance, insufficient useful information and lack of access to doctors should not become impediments to one's sound health.  



To create health awareness and address one's health concerns by providing various accessible and affordable health services such as telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.



To begin with our long and ambitious journey, we are fortunate to have a pool of knowledgeable and experienced certified doctors and are planning to include more such doctors in near future.



Presently under our services, we encourage you to ask any health questions by phone or online (chat/video/email) for doctor consultation. You can also consult our doctors online 24/7 for free.


Doctors from our team will get back to you shortly and address your concerns. In the whole process, we ensure that your privacy must be secured. 

We are pleased to invite you to record your health reports and vital data with us.  Your health data over a period of time will generate a pattern which our doctors will analyse in order to assist you better. We fully understand and value your privacy concerns so your data will not be shared with anyone without your consent. 


Our steps towards providing a better health to everybody include various comprehensive dental services such as routine dental checkuplow-cost dental treatment, and get to know the dental cost for various dental issues.


We believe in providing useful health-related information through our comprehensive, short, and informative articles by our team of doctors and understand the need to bring many health videos in one place.


We also feel the need for and hence provide the simple health tools to know one's dental health and BMI. It is very common to have some concerns during the course of pregnancy so check out our Early Pregnancy Phase Calculator and Analysis and reasons for late/missed period as well.


We aim to confluence major milestones under a single umbrella “Your Health-Key”. We have always believed in and implemented "3A" formula (Accessible, Affordable and Awareness) in our approach toward health care to make it better.

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