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Covid19: How to remain mentally fit

How to keep you mentally fit during this covid19 stressful situation.

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, many of us, even those who have not been infected by the virus, will choose to quarantine in our homes for the upcoming weeks. Capsized travel plans, indefinite isolation, panic over scarce re-sources and information overload could be a recipe for unchecked anxiety and feelings of isolation. Here are a few pointers that could help you survive spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time.

coronaVirus mental Health

1) Train your mind We need to train our mind to manage things better and these things include which are positive coping. For ex- If you are watching the T.V, watch something that makes you happy or lighten up your mood then watching the things that can create stress. 2) Talk to your near and dear one’s.

Even if you feel like not talking to them still try to have a good conversation with them over something that interests you both other than the pandemic. Inside the house keep yourself busy for ex- by playing the games, by learning new activity, by studying or any other activity that cheers you up and engages you in it. 3) Manage the Stress by managing our Body Daily do some sort of exercise in the house for ex- skipping, stairs climbing etc. Try to do meditation as it helps you in gaining mental peace and makes you more productive for the day. Maintain the sleep hygiene. At least sleep for 8-9 hours to get a complete rest.

4) How to cope with Depression Depression is slightly different from anxiety. It is basically an emotion categorised by continuous sadness and a feeling of worthlessness. Do exercise daily to circulate the flow of blood. Engage yourself in household chores even if you don’t want to. Forcibly talking to others and distracting yourself from getting negative thoughts. 5) Medical help

If the symptoms of anxiety and depression persists then seek medical help from your nearby doctor.


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