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Meditation on Twin hearts

It is an active meditation in which Heart and Crown Chakras are used as an entry point of Divine energy.

Chakra means energy center or gateway to energy or acupuncture point. Heart Chakra is a center of emotional heart and Crown Chakra is a center of divine heart. Heart Chakra gets activated when you love a person whom you know such as your family members, relative etc. Divine Heart Chakra gets activated when you love humanity, entire earth, every person and every being. The Crown Chakra can only be sufficiently activated when the Heart Chakra gets activated to a considerable degree. How can you love every person, every being if you don’t love your closed one whom you know?

In Meditation on twin heart, Heart and Crown Chakras get activated sufficiently allowing divine energy to pass through person and blessing entire earth. The divine energy flushes out of the cloud of negative thoughts and emotions thereby cleansing the aura.

Meditation on Twin heart is a technique aimed at achieving cosmic consciousness or illumination. It is also a form of service to the world because the world is harmonised to a certain degree through blessing the entire earth with loving-kindness. It is also known as meditation on Loving-Kindness.

Benefits of Twin heart meditation when done regularly

  • - Increased energy level

  • - Better physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health

  • - Relationship healing

  • - Attracts good luck

  • - Brings prosperity

  • - Earth becomes more harmonious and peaceful

  • - Practitioner generate lots of good Karma.

  • - Proven health benefits patient with depression, cancer etc


Information is extracted from GMCKS Achieving oneness with higher soul. 


About Author:

Milan Ashara is Pranic Healer Graduate.


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