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Implants : New Face Of Dentistry

Implants are the present and future of fixed prosthesis. Now, getting fixed teeth without sacrificing the natural tooth or fixed denture prosthesis is no longer a distant dream. Easy placement techniques and tools, less treatment time, and affordable cost makes it accessible to all age groups. There are limitations such as in case of diabetic patients having large amount of bone loss, myocardial infarction, immunosuppression and bleeding disorder.

Leonard Linkow’s invention “IMPLANTS” are surgically positioned titanium screw into the jaw bone below the gum level to act as a support system for the artificial prosthesis. It is mainly of two types : ENDOSTEAL IMPLANTS and SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANTS. This works by a biological process called osseointegration where the titanium(the framework) forms a bond to the bone thus providing the strong support to the artificial prosthesis.

In case of bone loss or less bone height, the artificial bone graft and PRP(platelet rich plasma) which uses the patients’ own blood to centrifuge in the PRP machine that provides the plasma which in turn helps the bone for grafting and biomembrane covering the surgical site helping in the ossteointegration process, thus making the implant – bone bond more stable and stronger.

Dental implants are permanent solution to the missing teeth, thus always keeping the tooth in style.

About Author:

Dr. Pooja Manjrekar has completed his B.D.S at the age of 22 years from Vasantdada Patil Dental College and Hospital, India. She is based in Mumbai. She has also been playing an instrumental role in shaping Your Health-Key.


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