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Acne/ Pimples 

What Not To Do For Pimples? Never pluck or scratch pimples, as the infection spreads all over the skin. Plucking makes a wound on your skin and leaves a dark patch later. Do not experiment with too many products on pimples. Stick to any one suiting your skin type and be patient for the remedy to work. Do not use heavy chemical containing beauty products as they are harmful for skin and may lead to skin inflammation. Never keep your skin oily when you have pimples. Make a habit of washing your face at least 2-3 times in a day to keep it oil free. Oily skin is the birth place of pimples. Need a dermatologist book your appointment @75 only and start chatting with our Doctors Download now!

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Brock Roth
Brock Roth
Sep 23, 2022

Great readiing your post

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