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7 Deadly Health Sins

1. Lack of Physical Activity 2. Lack of Proper Diet 3. Smoking OR Consumption of Alcohol/Drugs 4. Stress – “Too Much Too Soon” Approach 5. Lack of Personal Hygiene & of Surroundings 6. Lack of Proper Sleep (6-7hrs/Day) 7. Lack of Sexual Discipline

Approach to Correct above:

Lifestyle modifications: 1.Stop smoking & drinking alcohol -It will affect your liver, lungs in the long run. 2.A 30 minute physical activity every day like morning walk, evening walk or a visit to the gym or swimming pool. 3.Keep a check on your blood pressure weekly(if normal, then check monthly). 4.Keep a check of your weight every 6 months to point any significant change. 5.Destress yourself daily through meditation at least 10-15min daily. (just sit with close eyes & let your natural thoughts come). 6.Try to be regular in sleep pattern & take proper 6-7hrs sleep daily. 7.Maintain good personal hygiene & of your living surroundings.

Dietary changes: 1.Drink plenty of fluids, Fruit juices, coconut water. 2.Daily diet must have fruits, green leafy vegetables,milk,egg included. 3.Avoid overeating always & take small frequent meals. 4.Always eat a full plate of salad before lunch & dinner. 5.Water intake daily should be no less than 2-3L. 6.Avoid outside & roadside foodstuffs completely. 7.Avoid spicy,butter,ghee,oily foodstuffs & junk food. 8.Avoid aerated drinks like coca, soda etc. 9.Avoid adding extra salt, sugar to already cooked food at any cost. 10.Switch over to brown bread from white bread. 11.Use toned milk instead of full cream milk in daily routine.

About Author: Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal has completed his M.B.B.S in 2016. He hails from Delhi and has been very active in social health awareness activities. He is the key member of Your Health-Key and has been contributing for its growth.


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