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With the dawn of the new year , the life again starts ,with us to play the best role and responsibilities in every aspect, thus sometimes majorly leading to the word “STRESS” to enter our life.

This seems a six letter word but having great impact on our life , on our health , and on our mind. STRESS sounds like a devil for normal living but its not. Little or some amount of it is good to push us just to the level of optimal alertness.

But is it that every stress is bad for us? the answer is no , there is something called as “POSITIVE STRESS".

Positive stress is also known as good stress or EUSTRESS. It is when we take the stressful situation as an opportunity which leads to a good outcome. It motivates us to deal with the challenge or to complete the task. Eustress can lead you to feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment, well-being, and wholeness.

When we first face the stressor, both eustress and distress may occur at the same time. If we had positive experience and outcomes with stress in past , most likely eustress will prevail.

Positive Stress

Yerkes–Dodson curve for a difficult task

source : Wikipedia


These help us to reciprocate to the stress positively:

  • ​A belief system and mindset of hope, great expectations and a positive outlook on life

  • Belief in ourself and our ability to manage the task/stressor

  • perception that we have power and control over the situation

  • expecting the best of yourself and others expecting the same

  • Expectation of a reward

Once the stressor is gone, eustress leaves us upbeat or exhilarated rather than dejected.

Examples of eustress

Where you are likely to meet a situation with a positive outlook and hope includes:

  • A desired physical activity such as weight training

  • Winning in sports competition

  • Taking an examination

  • The excitement of falling in love

  • Planning for a wedding

  • Planning a vacation

  • Meeting a work deadline

  • Managing the daily, repetitive stress of a job

Increasing the eustress at workplace is of current interest because stress in the workplace is a major source of distress and poor work performance and productivity. there are specific steps you can take to build positive stress and make stress work for you.

Lets make this as our new year slogan :


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