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"A Loving Request From Joint..."

You call me joint,

and my joy is your freedom.

You keep me flexible,

and my flexion is your creation...

I work smartly,

when you climb the heights.

I walk silently,

when you step down alone...

I pray hopefully,

when you kneel before God.

I play happily,

when you make a winning shot...

I love truly,

when you carry the naughty kid.

I care warmly,

when you shake the hand of love...

I stay softer,

when your touch is soothing them.

I stay stronger,

when your fight is saving them...

I am the junction,

where soft meets the hard.

I am the fusion,

where sthira weds chala...

Let me have a stable span,

and let me speak an ayurmantra.


sathatham susheelam...


paravaram prayatnam...

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