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Synopsis of Common Dental Problems : Trending Up

“HEALTHY TOOTH IS HEALTHY YOU”- to make this saying true, we have to aim at eliminating all the prevailing dental problems. An improved standard of living usually promises health and wellness to its beneficiaries but in contradiction to this expectation, due to our negligence until dental problems become "must-see a dentist" problems, our inattentiveness are causing more harm than good.

These dental problems are trending up and are rapidly growing concern for a lot of people. This article focusses on drawing attention towards common dental problems that are caused by “Mouth Monsters”. To fight against these mouth monsters and aim for disease free mouth, people from all age groups need to understand the root cause behind these dental problems. I enlist here from my experience few the most common dental problems and its potential victims :

1. DENTAL CAVITY - Tooth decay, also called as “Dental Caries”.

SITE : Affects all surfaces of teeth.

CAUSE : Due to food accumulation, which ultimately leads to dissolution of tooth surfaces, thus leading to formation of pit or cavity.

SYMPTOM : Pain while biting and food lodgement.

TREATMENT : One must visit a doctor and avoid taking sugary foods and drinks.If diagnosed at early stages, the tooth can be filled.

WHO CAN SUFFER : From my experience, every 9 out of 10 patients, have tooth decay problem. According to Indian dental journal, dental cavity is the commonest dental problem prevailing. 95% of people, including all age groups are affected by this. In case of children, 85% of them have tooth decay and nearly half of them have mouth pain.

2. BLEEDING GUMS - The next common dental problem. It is usually accompanied by "Bad Breath".

SITE: Affects the gum line of all the teeth.

CAUSE: The build-up of plaque (a sticky and pale yellow film) on gum line leads to inflamed gums. Plaque when not removed will get harder into tartar thus leading to increased bleeding more prone to gum and jaw bone diseases.

SYMPTOM: Noticing gums bleed while slight brushing, flossing or sometimes even on touching. Reddish and swollen gums are other symptoms worth to consider.

TREATMENT: Visiting a dentist once in every 6 months for plaque removal and maintaining good oral hygiene.

WHO CAN SUFFER: Mostly common in age group of 30-45 years and children in their pubertal age(male 11-13 years and female 12-14 years). This is due to hormonal changes and poor maintenance of oral hygiene.

Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary heart disease.


SITE: Affects all surfaces of teeth or certain areas of a certain teeth.


  • Main cause - Wearing out of the outer layer of tooth called Enamel. This in turn exposes the Dentin- the second layer of tooth, thus causing sensitivity.

  • Mechanical cause- Aggressive or forceful brushing (too hard) or by tooth grinding.

  • Natural cause- Gum recession, acidic liquids like sodas, fractured tooth or tooth fillings.

SYMPTOM: Pain associated with this may occur constantly or intermittently - caused by ingesting hot or cold beverages and foods.

TREATMENT: Low level sensitivity - Home maintenance programme is effective like gels and toothpaste which makes nerve less sensitive or build a protective layer over the sensitive tooth.

High level sensitivity: In-office desensitiser which gives relief for many months.

WHO CAN SUFFER: Mostly common in middle age group 35-50 years, also noticeable among people chewing tobacco since long period of time. It affects the male group more than females.


SITE: Occur on the membrane of oral cavity.


  • Mechanical- Due to rubbing of the sharp edge of a tooth, fillings, crowns, false teeth and braces.

  • Thermal burns- Result from intake of hot food and also also due to weakened immune system, hormonal changes and stress.

SYMPTOM: Redness or inflammation, pain and discomfort, alters the taste of food.

TREATMENT: Most ulcers heal completely without intervention. Maintaining good oral hygiene, antiseptic mouthwash are few measures for removal of the cause.

WHO CAN SUFFER: May appear in individual form or multiple forms and once formed, maintained by inflammation and secondary infection. Affects mainly 35-40% adults who are having complaint of burning sensation and change in taste. It lasts 5-7 days generally and size may vary from 2mm-4mm to 7mm-8mm. Children are not affected by this.

The above listed problems are the most common dental problems. Once diagnosed and treated carefully will definitely lead to "Mouth Monsters" free mouth.

Thus the conclusion is:

“Dental Treatment is not expensive, NEGLECT is” .

In future articles, I will elaborate on each of these dental problems, its symptoms, causes and treatments.

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