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CHOLESTEROL : Facts You Must Know

It is described as a fat like substance that is found in every cell of body . Yes, it is necessary for some of the body processes like-

  • Hormone production

  • Vitamin D

  • Digestion process

  • Contribution in structure of cell wall

But due to its properties of getting mixed with other substances , results in formation of PLAQUE. This gets attached to the walls of arteries leading to ARTHEROSCLEROSIS progressing to CAD (Coronary Arterial Disease ), wherein arteries become narrow or blocked .



  • (Low Density Lipoproteins)

  • Helps to buildup in the arteries


  • (High Density Lipoproteins)

  • Carries cholesterol from other parts to liver

Health Problems Due To Rise In Cholesterol

  • Plaque deposit Continuous

  • Area of plaque can rupture

  • Formation of blood clot

  • Enlargement of clot leading to blockage

  • Blood flow ceased to coronary artery therby reduction in O2 rich blood to heart muscle

  • ANGINA (chest pain)


  • Can reduce/block arteries supplying blood to brain and limbs

  • Carotid Artery Disease/ Stroke/ PAD(peripheral arterial disease)

Factors affecting CL levels:

  • AGE : proportionally related.

  • HEREDITY : can run in families .

  • WEIGHT : obesity / overweight .

Must Do:

This doesn't present any symptoms.

  • Getting CL levels measured once every 5 years (as it can go unnoticed thus presenting silent threat of Heart Attack or Stroke)

  • Therapeutic lifestyle changes - low CL diet, weight management, regular physical activity

  • CL lowering supplements- e.g. Statins

  • Flax seed & flax seed oil

  • Garlic

  • Grape seed extract

  • Green tea

Tests For Prevention:

  • Blood test --- lipid panel

  • Cholesterol test - HDL test, LDL test

About Author:

Dr. Supriya Shekhar, Singapore. Active member and co-founder Your Health-Key.


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