What It Solves: Heat stress has a major impact on the ability of workers to live healthy and productive lives. In hot and humid working environment, heat illness and dehydration related problems are often not monitored efficiently or overlooked. Due to this workers fell sick or productivity goes down or sometimes it leads to death.


How It Solves: Our AI and sensors based accurate and cost effective handheld heat stress detector device which monitors workers’ environment as well as physiological parameters and gives an alert signal so that they can take preventive measures and better take control of their health. This helps them to become healthier, better, and efficient.



- Estimate Core Body Temperature.
- Measure Heart rate.
- Continuous Ambient temperature & Humidity monitoring which eventually tells about effective heat index and discomfort index of that location.
- Body conductance analysis for body dehydration.
- Continuous Air quality mainly PM2.5 measurement.
- Clothing insulation.
- LCD display.
- BLE supported for data transfer from device to mobile app.
- Battery powered lasts 7days.
- USB charging.

- Tripod support.


Who can use:

- Construction workers

- Mining Workers

- Farmers

- Oil and gas extraction workers

- Firefighters

- Sports teams and athletes

- All those who work in hot and humid environment

Heat Stress Detector

    • Dimension : 15cm x 7.5cm x 4cm

    • Screen : LCD

    • Sensors : Heart Rate PPG, Body IR Temperature, Skin Conductance, Ambient temperature & humidity

    • Battery : 110mAh Lithium Ion Chargeable, Life 5-7 Days

    • Connectivity : BLE 4.2

    • USB Type C charging

    • Material : Plastic

    • Warranty : 1 Year